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Letting Go of Old Power to Gain New Freedom (729 hits)

Letting Go of Old Power to Gain New Freedom from juniques marketing on Vimeo.

Letting Go of Old Power to Gain New Freedom
Rickey of Juniques Marketing and Multi Cultural Connections, share his insight on personal growth.

He describes how a person can be really good in a particular area of life or have a skill highly developed and it becomes their power. This power is what they use and hold on to, always.

The person may good at leadership, persuasion, arguing,loving,passiveness, etc. They use their power constantly.

Now to experience NEW Freedom, they have to learn to let go of that power so that a new freedom can be introduced into their life. How?

When the opportunity present itself to use their old power, they do not.

They do not take the lead, agrue, persuade,passive, follow, etc. Just for that moment.

Here is what they discover.

That they may have other powers that have not be utilized. That the situation was not as severe as they thought.

That someone else discovered they had unused power and "stepped" forward.

That someone had discovered their
new freedom and the opportunity to use it, was presented.

It like holding on to something that is secure. Say you are sitting in a "four legged chair" and you are "rocking" in it. There is a table
you use to grab, just as the chair starts falling back and you know it will not "rock" forward.

You know if you do not grab that table, you will fall.

You know the fall will be "nothing nice". You get real good at grabbing that table.

Lets say the table is your power. Let say falling is the start of process of letting go. Lets say you let go!!!

That is the most emotionally unsettlling moment in your life. Because you do not have your power.

So you fall to the floor and you experience no major damage! You look around you are ok, You get up and realize you do not need
the table. You have new freedoms. You can sit there, get up, walk around, crawl, stand up, etc.

You realize now you can " Let go of old power and Gain new freedom!":

You have new freedoms. Now the cool part of gaining new freedoms is, it is a continual cycle.

New Freedoms will become Old Powers.

Now you know how to move old powers to new freedoms and you can appreciate the cycling instead being held by old powers.

The sad news about keeping old powers is YOU WILL NOT GROW, in whatever area of life, you want to grow., you let the old power remain "in charge".

Is this a easy process? NO. For it is a process. You have take "steps" to let go of old power and you have to trust the process.

I say do this and enjoy rewards of growing!!!

Posted By: rickey johnson
Friday, August 8th 2014 at 8:47PM
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Great insight!
Sunday, August 10th 2014 at 11:55AM
powell robert
Mr. R. Johnson,

How does your rhetoric advance Black Americans into a country of our own? It is my understanding that sovereignty is Black Americaís only permanent solution.

Is what you are saying trumps Black Americans have in a country of our own? I certainly donít think so!

Sunday, August 10th 2014 at 12:25PM
Harry Watley
Poweful information.

Sunday, August 10th 2014 at 10:44PM
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